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Boys Middle School Cross Country, Boys Varsity Cross Country · Shelby High School Boys Varsity Cross Country scores 0 points at meet

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

4:30 PM





Meet Recap

Four runners. Four PRs. 3:29 faster than their previous best times.
Leading the streak once again was Will Kidder running a 5:30 first mile on the heels of the race’s eventual top finishers. Will continues to improve steadily, this time by 40 seconds under a PR he set late last season, keeping tight to his trendline for the season. Kidder has a nice downward sloping line, with a decent correlation coefficient of .96, which was used to accurately predict how he would finish this last race. If Kidder keeps this up, he’ll finish the season setting a new school record that should stand for years to come, no kidding. Oh the thrills of linear regression analysis.
Next to cross the finish line for the Tigers was Ethan Sill, besting his previous PR by 38 seconds. Ethan is improving each day and is learning to push himself to the physical edges of his ability – he’s learning to run towards his “wall” without fear, then pushing past what he thought was impossible before. That is how PRs are set – they’re not easy to come by without courage to succeed.
Slader Beyer, still a relatively new runner, came in 25 seconds under his PR. He works diligently in practice and will eventually have a breakthrough once his conditioning catches up with his work ethic.
Last but not least, Kaden Olmstead crossed the finish line in just over 36 minutes, 1:46 seconds faster than last week, which was another huge improvement. Kaden’s first meet of the season lasted more than 44 minutes, so he gets the prize for most improved on the team. This from a young man who wanted to quit and thought he couldn’t even finish one race. Well done, Kaden – keep up the great work and improvement. Well done, Young Tigers (or Men?)
Joining us for our next meet will be new comer, Mathis Mueller. It took him a while to find the CC team since he had to come all the way from Germany. With Mathis in place, the Tigers will have a complete scoring squad and will begin to earn official team points.


School Place Points
Shelby High School
Hart High School