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Girls Middle School Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Shelby High School Girls Varsity Cross Country finishes 1st place

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

4:30 PM





Meet Recap

Unofficially, we are the only team to post results, so we claim first place with a perfect team score of 15, even though it was actually 185. We’ll just nudge that 8 out of the way so we can focus on how well our racers did.

You know how during the Olympic swimming they show the world record pace line and someone either just chasing it or beating it and you get excited for them, you’re cheering them on and your muscles start twitching, willing the racer to keep at it? It’s fun stuff, but what’s even more fun is watching real-time as runner after runner on your team are so far ahead of their record time that the thing isn’t even on the screen with them (metaphorically speaking). We had one of those days. Again. Superlatives coming.

Officially, we kicked it up another notch with 6 of our girls earning PRs (personal records), with some RIDICULOUS time drops – worthy of an actual mic drop. Collectively, our Lady Tigers beat their previous records by 11:10! Who does that? Here is the list of top improve-inators:
Alex Habicht discovered a new gear that helped her cruise in 2:54 ahead of her previous best time.
Maya Cornaby just crushed her PR that she set last season, and beat this year’s season record by 1:45.
Claire Peterson had fire coming from her shoes as she sprinted past other runners as if they were standing still, 1:33 faster than last week’s PR.
Lindsey Trantham had two great miles to finish her race to best her PR by 1:33, while Lindsey Harvell showed off as she surpassed her personal best by 1:31.
To round off the great improvements is Gillian Parzych, doing really well with a fast paced 1:30 off anything shes done previously. Really impressive racing girls.


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